For Better or For Worse


Two months ago, I made a lifelong commitment. It was easy to speak the words after the pastor. But in thinking about what those words meant, and how I was enacting a covenant, the words seemed surreal.

I, Anna, take you, C.Jay, to be my husband–I was pledging to take my best friend as a partner along this journey called life.  By vowing to take C.Jay as my spouse I was agreeing to a holy and divinely-established covenant ordained by God (Malachi 2:14).  I was publicly declaring a commitment to a covenant relationship; a covenant commitment before God and men.  As a Christian, I was agreeing to enter a spiritual representation of the Church’s relationship with God.

to have and to hold from this day forward–I am claiming the precious gift that God is giving me: my husband. “To have and to hold” declares the love I have for my spouse and choosing to cling to it, regardless of what may occur.

for better or for worse–One our way to honeymoon in Spain, C.Jay and I had a 10 hour layover in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  We were both exhausted from the wedding and hadn’t gotten much sleep on the flight.  But we did not want to spend money on a hotel room for a few short hours so we decided to “brave it” and tour the city until our next flight left.  The latter portion of “for better or for worse” was poignantly clear as the two of us squabbled and complained about one another for the majority of the layover.  Looking back, however, “the worse” part of our traveling became one of the “better” moments for us as we laugh at how childish we both were in our fatiguness!

for richer, for poorer– This clause of our vows looms ahead of us to see how we respond.

in sickness and in health–On our honeymoon in Spain, I experienced a seizure alongside severe heartburn and acid reflex.  To say the least, the “in sickness and in health” portion of our vows was quickly put to the test!

to love and to cherish–My husband and I have been having fun learning what the various forms of “to love and to cherish” are.  ‘Love’ and ‘cherish’ are not exclusive of (physical) intimacy but extend to cleaning up a spill on the kitchen counter, putting our shoes in the closet hallway or speaking an encouraging word.

from this day forward until death do us part–I look forward to becoming old and grey-haired with C.Jay.  “Until death do us part” may come as quickly as tomorrow or delay 50 years but, whatever the time period, I delight in the life partner Christ has bestowed upon me.


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