Profile Of An Underaged Prostitute (Part II)

A continuation of my series in which I provided an overview of what an American prostituted or trafficked individual looks like.  This section gives a brief glimpse at the age(s) and ethnicity(ies) of American prostitutes and victims of human trafficking.


The age of juvenile prostitutes is 11-17 years of age, with the average age of a juvenile prostitute and/or human trafficking victim in (Northern) California as 14 years old.  The youngest victim that the FBI Innocence Lost Task Force has encountered in California is 11 years old.  The younger a victim is, the more popular they are according to Former Sacramento Sheriff John McGuiness.


The three primary groups entrapped in prostitution and sexual exploitation are African-Americans, Latino-Americans and Caucasians.  California witnesses African-American and Caucasian females as the majority of their victims-all of whom are American girls.  African-American victims-particularly females-are arrested in prostitution at a far higher rate than victims of any other race or ethnicity in the same industry.

Next – Exploring which groups are at higher risk of becoming victims of sexual exploitation, characteristics that define a victim, and what their family lives look like.


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