Biblical Masculinity and Femininity

It deeply saddens me to see how modern-day society has distorted masculine and feminine roles, particularly in the area of marriage. Marriage is the earthly, outward expression of the relationship between Christ and His church.  Husbands are urged to lay down their lives in sacrificial love and protection in Ephesians 5:23-32 while women are called to submit to her husband’s leadership.

Unfortunately, this Biblical view is no longer popular in the 21st century.  Many view this call to Biblical roles as forcing a female into an unequal relationship in which her voice and rights are not considered. As a result, (Biblical) gender roles within marriage are often times confused, blurred, traded or even ignored.

What many individuals miss, however, is that God intends for an equal partnership of husbands and wives in His gift of new life.  Equal partnership within marriage between husbands and wives, despite differing roles.  The different roles that God placed upon males and females was not to constrain or reduce one at the sake of the other.  Rather, it is to mutually benefit both individuals so that they may draw closer to Him as they learn to purify themselves for His glory.


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