Nanny State

At the beginning of the month, The New York Post published an article, which was appropriately titled “‘Nanny’ state earns its name”.  Apparently New York Mayor Bloomberg mandated that all New York day cares and (pre)schools must now accept children as young as six weeks old.

Economically, taxpayer dollars are now being directed towards free “baby-sitting”.  Although parents may not have to directly pay for their child’s daycare, which proponents may be tempted to champion as putting money back into the parents pockets, they have to indirectly continuing to do so through increased taxes and other fiscal loopholes implemented by the state to fund this unnecessary policy.

From an educational and developmental perspective, how is this positively benefiting our children?  The author of the article, a pediatric nurse practitioner who is employed as a school nurse, points out that “young children belong at home, preferably with their parents or other familial guardians”.  She is correct in point out that young children, including infants, receive optimal stimulation at home during schooling hours – rather than being neglected in a room full of other growing children at a daycare.

At this rate, what will be next?


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