Relevance of Human Trafficking to California & Sacramento

California is a top destination for traffickers due to ―the state‘s international borders, major harbors and airports, powerful economy and an increasing immigrant population. A significant circuit utilized by pimps is that of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, Redding and Sacramento. Human trafficking provides politicians, traveling sports teams, business men and other individuals with cheap and accessible sexual services that provide little accountability. Many state law enforcement entities are currently experiencing lay-offs well up to 50 percent of their normal task force due to poor state economies that have been made increasingly worse with the burst of the housing bubble, business foreclosures, and cities filing bankruptcy. With less police personal to continue the same amount of duties, crimes such as prostitution are able to increase due to the lack of resources for law enforcement.
Sacramento is ―a major crossroads and gateway to the Central Valley: traffickers transport victims along Highway 5 and Highway 80 to key cities such as those identified in the circuit above. Sacramento is a central location between Seattle, Las Vegas and Southern California making Sacramento a connector city. Juvenile prostitution has a significant presence in Sacramento: the Watt Avenue area has a healthy mix of underage prostitutes between the ages of 14 to 20 years old while Stockton Boulevard, Del Paso and El Camino contain a little bit older group of individuals, according to Sacramento Police Department Detective Jeff Morris. Therefore, Sacramento is in the top ten cities within the United States for the number of escorts it contains according to Craig‘s List.


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