Legitimizing Pimping

Commercial sexual exploitation organizations may be owned or backed by prominent local community members, such as judges or lawyers, or are controlled or financed by organized crime groups.  76 percent to 100 percent of the sex enterprises in the Northeast, Southeast, Metro New York and Metro San Francisco are controlled, financed and/or backed by organized crime groups as reported by the majority of law enforcement agencies.  The sex industry operates in connection with many legitimate businesses as the former utilizes the latter as a cover for illegal activities or transactions.  This includes restaurants or bakers in the Northeast, gas stations and convenience stores in Metro New York and travel agencies and real estate in Metro San Francisco.

Media and pop culture glamorizes pimping while undermining the reality of brutality and abuse of this industry.  The connections between the sex and media industries demonstrates how the sex industry has been able to evolve from its more stereotypical, seedy, back street image into a modern, diversified enterprise.  For example, “intense competition on the Internet has led pornographers to attract buyers with more extreme images, such as bondage, torture, bestiality and child pornography”.  Pimping exists because of the mystic of this industry as portrayed by various media outlets.

Author’s Note: (c) Anna Rutherford Engel.  Please site if quoting any of my writing.  If you would like to know which studies or individuals I am citing in my work, please contact me and I will send you those sources.  Additionally, contact myself if you would like my research as a whole.


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