Voter Education

How educated are you when it comes to politics?  Do you know where the 2012 Presidential candidates stand and their political (career) history?  Are you truly aware of the political platform of the Democratic and Republican parties as well as what policies they prompt?

It is a sad reality that a large number of Americans are not as informed as they should be but, rather, vote out of an emotional or psychological response.  This comes in the form of how a candidate makes them feel or what a political party claims to have done or will do.  Media outlets often times do not accurately report on either candidates or their parties, often times leaving out information that does not serve the agenda of their news story.

Red Alert Politics published a fascinating article yesterday that covered a study done by We are Change, a nonpartisan group.  Red Alert Politics writes that We are Change:

Took to the streets to interview Obama supporters regarding his policies.  However, it listed four of Obama’s actual policies as having been proposed by Romney.  It turns out that these Obama supporters vehemently oppose his policies when they think they belong to the GOP candidate.

The responses by the interviewees are captivating, particularly when it is revealed to them that the policies are in fact Obama’s – and not Romney’s.  Most of the individuals completely retracted their answers and still supported Obama.  However, at least one supporter was willing to listen and another was not sure what to believe but promised to do further research.

The purpose of the questionare was not to support Romney but to bring awareness to voter education.  With this in mind, how educated are YOU for this coming election?  Are you simply voting for a candidate based on your affiliation with a certain party or name recognition?  Or are you educated enough to cast a vote based off of an informed platform?


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