The Twelve Days of Birthday (Parts I-II)

We are all familiar with the Christmas carol “The Twelve Days of Christmas” which depict twelve festive days of celebration that begin on December 25.  The Twelfth Night of Christmas always falls on the fifth of January, but the Twelfth Day either precedes or follows the Twelfth Night in accordance to which Christian tradition is followed.

I have decided to put a spin on this dearly loved Christmas song.  My husband will be celebrating his birthday on November 12 – giving me ten days from today to induct the twelve days of birthday celebration in preparation for his actual birth date!  This idea came to me when I arrived at his office on Wednesday (October 31) to surprise him with an early birthday gift: the iPhone 5S, which he had been itching to get.  As I sat across from him at the desk in his office, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” popped into my head.  I am a sucker for celebrations, presents, surprise and all the other fun festivities that come along with birthdays and holidays.  Not to mention that my over-enthusiastic personality takes things to an extreme.  So the notion of showering my husband with little surprises for the next twelve days elated me.

Yesterday marked the first of the twelve days until my husband’s birthday.  For the first “present” of my celebration series, I reblogged my husband’s post on Hurricane Sandy, as well as tweeted the great news that he officially became a published writerThe Liberty Crier has asked my husband to continue writing for them, which is fantastic news!  My husband has been trying to get me to read his material for the longest time so it meant the world to him that I reblogged and tweeted him as it signifies that I not only pay attention to his writing but also support his work by promoting him.

Today marked day two of my little adventure: treating my husband to lattes at Peet’s Coffee during his lunch break!  Many laughs, great conversation and a much needed break from the office!


I can honestly say that I am as excited – if not more – about each day’s ‘treat’ that I bestow upon my husband.  It is almost as if I were receiving the gifts because I am able to secretly plan a surprise which I am then able to reveal to my spouse.  I anticipate my husband’s reaction to seeing what I have planned as well as reminding my heart to be joyful and thankful for the precious gift my Father has bestowed upon me!


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