National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

January has been declared as as the National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month by President Barack Obama. Specifically, January 11 is designated the National Human Trafficking Awareness Day.

Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking, often believed to be an over-seas issue, is prevalent in the United States – often times preying upon domestic American children.  It is important that Americans stop ignoring such a prominent issue by turning a blind eye to a sensitive and uncomfortable issue.


  • Prayer – for rescue and healing.
  • Awareness – gain insight of the issue, both domestically and abroad.  Share your knowledge with your family, friends and community.  Observe today – and the rest of National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month – as a means of combating modern-day slavery.
  • Volunteer – find a local anti-trafficking organization to get involved in.
  • Financial Giving – make monthly or annual contributions to an anti-trafficking organization.

Shared Hope International, an organization that strives to prevent sex slavery while bringing justice to vulnerable women and children, has some amazing interactive videos that can include topics such as “Top 4 Things Every Survivor Wants America To Know” and “Top 4 Tactics to Combat Demand and What Every Man Can Do”.

Anti-Trafficking organizations include: 


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