Why I Won’t Be Walking In The March Of Dimes

In my post on February 6, entitled “March for Babies“, I wrote that I would be walking in the March of Dimes in April due to the personal experiences of my husband and I.  I also provided the opportunity to help me meet my fundraising goal.

However, it has been brought to my attention that the March of Dimes is not as forth right about how and where it spends its finances.  According to CatholicCulture.org, March of Dimes (MOD) “has generously funded research that has involved the destruction of human life at its earliest stages including the human embryo…”  MOD also supports human embryonic stem cell research where, if an embryo is found “defective” it can be aborted with MOD funds.  In other words, if a pregnant woman discovers via genetic counseling and tests that her baby has certain genetic disorders (i.e. Down syndrome), she may utilize MOD finances to abort her child.

In an article on the MOD, CatholicCulture states that MOD not only funds abortions but that it also finances research for human embryonic stem cell research and preimplanation diagnosis.  Some of the research MOD has funded have come from Dr. Kurt Hirschhorn, Professor of Pediatrics at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York (2012) and Dr. Evan Y. Snyder of Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School.

Due to this disturbing evidence, I find that I simply cannot contribute my finances nor walk in support of March of Dimes.  I was lead to believe that I was helping to raise finances to fund research that would prevent birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality while supporting local community programs that would help mothers have healthy full-term pregnancies.  While MOD may use a portion of the money raised in their march for this purpose, they slyly appropriate a portion of these funds to provide abortions to women.

Why would an organization lie to the public about its true intentions?  As a Christian and expecting mother, I simply cannot support an organization who assists in killing unwanted infants under the mask of “helping at-risk babies”.  If MOD truly desired to end infant mortality, then why is it helping to fund abortions?   This sounds contradictory to me.