The Trucking Activism Network


The Truckers Missing Child Project (TTMCP) was an awareness project created by The Trucking Activism Network and its Founder, Dugal Trimble. Since its creation TAT has become very successful and has taken the lead of TTMCP.

TTMCP utilizes social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as traditional methods (i.e. flyer distribution) to relay important information about Missing Children and Amber Alerts to American truck drivers and the general public. Their secondary role is to stand up and combat related issues such as human trafficking, child abuse and child porn as such issues are closely related to the issue of missing children. TTMCP aims to accomplish this through education as well as working closely with other anti-trafficking organizations.

I initially became aware of TTMCP last year when I was working for a Northern California anti-trafficking non-profit.  The conversations that I had with founder and director, Dugal Trimble, highlighted the reality of an over-looked aspect of human trafficking: the trucking industry.

What many individuals do not realize is is that the trucking industry is a hot spot for human trafficking, specifically sex trafficking.  Truck stops are common grounds for prostitution as girls go from truck to truck soliciting sexual services.  What makes truck stops an ideal location for sex trafficking is that it is easy for both customers and solicitors to remain anonymous, little to no interaction with law enforcement and their proximity to freeways.

The mobility of truckers can prove to be a successful and essential step in combating human trafficking as truckers are on the front lines.  Trimble says that this means that truckers can report a victim by calling a trafficking hotline.  Additionally, they can sign up to receive Missing Children and Amber Alerts in order to keep an eye out for those missing individuals as they travel.  Since truckers are mobile, they play a critical role in assisting in the recovery of victims as they are an extra set of eyes and ears on the road.

Trimble has an amazing vision of bringing awareness of human trafficking to the trucking community.  His desire is to educate truckers and those working at truck stops on how to identify victims and what to do when one is spotted.  Trimble has done amazing work in the short time that he has been involved and is a wonderful source of information.

To learn more about TAN and how to become involved or how to sign up for alerts, please email or visit their website.


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