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Homemade, Organic Baby Food

When I first began introducing my little girl to solid food, I made the decision to make her food from scratch. No buying commercially-made baby food in jars from the store, no grabbing a baby food pouch from a coffee shop while meeting up a friend for a coffee date. I wanted to make all of her food myself: 100% of it. A baby food processor and blender, along with a recipe book and food jars, were purchased and thus began my baby food making journey.

Now the food-making journey is not always easy and can be time-consuming (just ask my husband) but the benefits have been so worth my while. And what an experience it has been! It has been incredible to watch my little one’s appetite take off as she experiences new flavors and textures as well as to watch her reactions to new foods that are introduced. And I have learned so much about nutrition and vitamins that can be found in various produce and meats. I have discovered that making my own baby food allows my daughter to digest all the vitamins and nutrients that each specific food has to offer while enjoying its taste, aromas and natural colors in their entirety. No more food that has been genetically modified, incorporates growth hormones from animal-derived products or harmful chemicals and pesticides. No more food that has been sterilized in order to allow it to have the necessary 18-24 month shelf life.  I am in complete control of what goes into my daughter’s food and, as a result, I know that she is truly getting the best ORGANIC options out there.

As a result, I want to share the amazing experience we have had with other moms. I desire to provide local mothers with healthy, organic food options for their little ones that are free of harmful pesticides, GMOs, added salt, modified starches and refined sugars; lack artificial flavors and colors; and in no way include preservatives, additives or fillers. Additionally, I am planning on making and selling Lactation Cookies for nursing mothers (those just beginning the nursing journey or who are continuing to supplement while their child transitions to solid food). The ingredients in these cookies promote milk supply in mothers, thereby providing the most natural and wholesome nutrition to infants and babies: breast milk).

To help begin this process while cutting costs for purchasing mothers, I have begun a Kickstarter campaign. To find out more about the products I will be producing, ask questions or donate to my cause, please click here. If everyone donates only $5 each within the next 29 days, I will be fully funded to provide and equip other mothers with nutritious and healthy food options for their children. I would also ask that you would please share this cause with those you know so as to help spread awareness.  Thank you!

In Sickness & In Health

It has been quite some time since I last posted a blog.  Things have been immensely busy, especially in lieu of the recent celebration of my one year wedding anniversary trip.


My husband and I decided to visit Austria for several reasons: one of which is that I was familiar with the language, another being that we were anxious to visit the infamous Salzburg, where The Sound of Music had been filmed.  We had a breath-taking stay in Austria, filled with many wonderful memories.  What a fabulous way to celebrate one year of marriage while inaugurating a second.

Our journey home, on the other hand, was quite the contrary!  To make a long story short, I became extremely ill on our flight out of Vienna.  When we stopped in London to catch our connecting flight into the U.S., my husband and I were informed that we would not be allowed to continue on to our next flight until we had received a doctor’s approval for further travel.

My husband wrote an excellent blog post about our horrendous ordeal of navigating through the socialized medicine of the London hospital – all for a simple note signed and dated by a doctor, approving me “fit for travel”.

The entire ordeal caused my husband and I to reflect on the vows we had exchanged a year ago.  As we contemplated the lifelong commitment we had made to one another before God, we couldn’t help but chuckle.  God has a sense of humor in teaching us what “agape love” truly means and how we are to apply that to one another.  We smiled as we thought of how appropriately applicable our vows had become beyond the alter.  I thought I had loved my husband with my fullest capacity as I stood before him at the alter.  However, this past year of marriage – with all of its trials, including our unexpected delay in London due to sickness – has caused me to realize that I am continually learning what it means to truly love him with an agape, sacrificial love.