The Twelve Days of Birthday (Parts X-XII)

The self-appointed ‘Twelve Days of Birthday’ in which I celebrated the twelve days leading up to, and including, my husband’s twenty-second birthday.  I must say it has renewed my thankfulness for who he is, all that he does and the joy he has and continues to bring me.

The past two weeks have been full of adventure as I have surprised him with little presents, activities and treats each day.  My husband remarked to me that I was more excited about his birthday than he was and, in a sense, that was true as the planning aspect of each day had me on the edge of my seat.  In addition to celebrating the amazing life of my husband, the flurry of the past two weeks has ‘rekindled’ our love, reminding us of our college days.

Day 10 – We ate a candle-lite dinner by the fireplace of flank steak and asparagus with goat cheese while watching an episode of Psych, my  husband’s choice of show.

Day 11 – My husband and I had dinner with both sets of parents at Claim Jumper, a restaurant tradition we have had every for his birthday since we have been together.

Day 12 – Happy Birthday to my amazing, talented and loving man!  We woke up and began the day with homemade eggnog lattes and warm streusel cinnamon bread.  Additionally, he opened the remaining presents I had bought for him.  Later that evening we went out to Blue Nami to enjoy a dinner of sushi with some of our college friends who had invested in C.Jay during his time at William Jessup University.

Birthday breakfast and presents

Blue Nami sushi dinner.

Not only did I have a thrilling time planning each day’s ‘surprise’ for my husband, but my husband enjoyed receiving the love language of gifts from me.  Who knows, I just may have begun a family tradition for us!


The Twelve Days of Birthday (Parts V-IX)

As the birthday festivities continue, here is a quick snapshot of how my husband and I celebrated his upcoming birthday this week.

Day 5 – Star gazing

Day 6 – Homemade s’mores over the grill

Day 7 – Encouraging notes hidden in random places, including my husband’s sock drawer and computer bag

Day 8 – Letting my husband choose his favorite television shows for us to watch

Day 9 – Hot tubbing with a glass of red wine

The Twelve Days of Birthday (Part IV)


Day 4

Birthday celebrations are definitely under way for my husband’s birthday.  Today my husband and I visited Barnes and Noble, his favorite book store to purchase a new book for him.  We also visited The Fountains, a quaint shopping center of boutiques that are centrally located around a beautiful fountain (hence the name).  At The Fountains, we perused through Sur La Table, our favorite cooking ware store, while sipping lattes from Peet’s.  We finished the relaxing evening by sitting on a bench by the fountain and chatting.  8 days until my husband’s birthday!